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jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Live TV on Mobile

Are people really going to watch television over their cell phones? They will if the live TV on mobile phone manufacturing has something to say about it. So anything you would've watched on the sofa, you can watch in another place instead. In the room next door, down at the pub or on the beach a thousand miles away.

Take your favorite TV-series, talk show, sport events or recorded movies with you on your portable device. The fast and easy way to get your television content in your pocket. No subscription, no data costs, no pay-per-view costs. Everything is automatic! And the quality is outstanding, as compared to streaming video. 

The most noticeable example of the popularity of live TV on mobile devices is commuters who are stuck in traffic. It's also intended for those waiting for a train or taking a coffee break or even sitting in a cab waiting for a person along for the ride. I asked a cab driver what he thought about the service after I tested it during a ride. "Nice," he said. "Really nice, but I doubt I can afford it. But that's not so anymore, it's very affordable. So the next time your stuck in rush hour traffic wouldn't it be great to have this technology as a option?

Tired of gabbing, writing text messages, and playing games on your mobile phone to kill time? Try watching some live TV on your mobile!! I've been doing it for the past two weeks. And the experience has been, awesome. It's about time! 

Would you think watching a soap opera or catching up with the latest sports news away from home interest you? Now you can watch worldwide channels on your Mobile Device - Sports, News, Movies, Music, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, +Digital Radio Stations and much, much more! You can also watch the Big Games LIVE without any additional fee or subscription! See for yourself at: 

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