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jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Watch TV on a Mobile Greatest Invention Since the Microwave

Missed your favorite TV program last night? If you have a cell phone, that's not a problem anymore. With streaming television up-and-coming as one of the hottest trends in the marketplace, anyone with a cell phone can view their favorite shows with them wherever they go.

Cell phones are not just for making calls anymore. The ability to watch TV on mobile phones has become a reality .They can also take photos, send and receive text messages and emails you can even play games. Now something even bigger is happening to the always changing cell phone world. Watch TV on mobile devices is becoming the newest trend in the industry. It started by showing small clips of shows, and sporting events, but now you can view complete shows and streaming TV from your cell phone.

Uncertain you can actually do it? Dismiss all the ideas that you can't view your favorite shows. Especially with such a tiny screen to look at. I'm one who commutes by transit every day to and from work and who also spends a lot of time driving as part of my business. I often use my mobile devices for entertainment. And have welcomed the idea of having the ability to choose to watch TV on my mobile phone as a option.

The appearance of a TV capable cell phone should not come as a surprise or news. Mobile carriers are always on the hunt for other sources of revenue. The portable phone market is swamped with models that embed digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, so why not a television.

If you thinking about using your cell phone as a TV when you have time to kill or hung up in traffic. Take a look at:

And discover for yourself the new world of cell phone TV!

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